Körner Edelstahlrohrtechnik

Areas of application

Stainless steel pipes for various applications

Diverse application possibilities

Our high-quality stainless steel tubes serve a wide range of market demands and are used in numerous industries and application areas. The high-strength, temperature- and corrosion-resistant tubes are preferred components and semi-finished products in many sectors and industrial applications today.

Electrical-, measurement- and control-technology

  • temperature control devices
  • pressure gauges
  • remote thermometer
  • Pressure gauge lines for gas and oil wells

metal processing

  • precision parts
  • precision mechanics
  • tube / pipe molding products
  • medical technology
  • fastening technology

Apparatus and plant construction

  • environmental engineering
  • seawater desalination
  • chemical plants


  • Stainless steel condenser tubes
  • preheater tubes

supply systems

  • water tubes

food and beverage industry

  • milk and beverage lines
  • Processing lines for various applications


  • Control-Line-tubes
  • Bundled tubes for hydraulic lines
  • pump system tubes / pipes